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ADRP 6-22 Army Leadership

This publication supersedes FM 6-22 (except Appendix B, Counseling), dated 12 October 2006.

Army doctrine reference publication (ADRP) 6-22 expands on the leadership principles established in Army
doctrine publication
ADP 6-22. ADRP 6-22 describes the Army’s view of leadership, outlines the levels of
leadership (direct, organizational, and strategic), and describes the attributes and core leader competencies
across all levels.

The principal audience for ADRP 6-22 is all leaders, military and civilian. Trainers and educators throughout
the Army will also use this publication.

Commanders, staffs, and subordinates ensure their decisions and actions comply with applicable United States,
international, and, in some cases, host-nation laws and regulations. Commanders at all levels ensure their
Soldiers operate in accordance with the law of war and the rules of engagement (see Field Manual [FM] 27-10).
ADRP 6-22 uses joint terms where applicable. Selected joint and Army terms and definitions appear in both the
glossary and the text. For definitions shown in the text, the term is italicized and the number of the proponent
publication follows the definition. The use of the term influence throughout this publication reflects the
definition of common English usage “the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force
or direct exercise of command,” as distinct from the usage outlined in FM 3-13. It is contrary to law for DOD to
undertake operations intended to influence a domestic audience; nothing in this publication recommends
activities in contravention of this law.

ADRP 6-22 applies to the Active Army, Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and
United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated.
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