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AR 600-8-2 Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (FLAGS)

From the Army G1:  A new Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flags) Regulation (AR 600-8-2) is now available with an effective
date of 23 Nov 12.  This regulation is a total revision; stemming from a DAIG review of the Army's process to suspend favorable actions
(Flag) as an effective administrative tool for improving unit and Soldier discipline.

The DAIG report found that many leaders did not have the requisite understanding of how to use flag actions to increase surveillance of
Soldiers potentially undergoing disciplinary or administrative action and to suspend favorable action pending an inquiry and final
disposition. The DAIG had five key findings:

1.  A lack of training at all levels erodes technical skills and knowledge with respect to execution of flagging actions.

2.  Company-level teams are not effective in flagging Soldiers under investigation.  Commanders at all levels were challenged with
imposing flags on Soldiers under investigation because they do not know when to impose a flag or were taking a "wait and see" approach
before imposing flags.

3.  Transferable flags and supporting documents are not being transferred from losing units to gaining units.

4.  Flags were not being imposed when a formal or informal investigation was initiated on a Soldier by military or civilian authorities.

5.  Poor flag management was having a detrimental on morale and negatively impacting our collective ability to manage the Force by
making timely and informed decisions.

The new regulation addresses policy and procedures for commanders to use to effectively manage flags.  It is extremely important that
commanders at all levels review the update in order to properly implement the policy changes.

HR Leaders must familiarize themselves with the new regulation and be prepared to assist commanders with the important administrative

You can download AR 600-8-2 here
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