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Situation: A routine Army required regulation review commenced in early 2010 in order to maintain AR 623-3 and DA Pam 623-3
regulations update to date and in compliance with The Army Publishing Program (AR 25-30). This publication revision, which is a major
revision, is the final product from this review. These revised publications DO NOT reflect the future Phase II Evaluation Reporting System
Enhancements currently under development. This regulation prescribes the policy and tasks for the Army's current Evaluation Reporting
System, including officer, noncommissioned officer, and academic evaluation reports focused on the assessment of performance and
potential. It includes policy statements, operating tasks, and rules in support of operating tasks. Some of the most significant revisions
incorporate Army Directive 2011-16 - OER Enhancements, updates policy on the use of extended evaluation reports, expands the
authorization of specific non-Department of Defense senior raters and Army senior raters in unique circumstances, and clarifies policy on
accounting for academic evaluation report periods as nonrated time on officer and noncommissioned officer evaluation reports.

Purpose: To provide an overview of updated revisions to include Policy Change and Policy Clarification for the newly revised AR 623-3
and DA Pam 623-3 to the Army’s Evaluation System . The intent of this information briefing is to highlight significant changes. For a
complete understanding of all changes, it is recommended that a detailed review of AR & DA Pam 623-3 be completed. NOTE: If errors
exist within this training packet that is different from the published AR and DA Pam 623-3, the official publication supersedes this training
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